My entrance into the world of HGH injections has been pretty awesome.  I feel great…better than I expected and my daily gym performance has been pretty exceptional.  I’m three days into my third week and without question I can see improvements in my skin texture and elasticity.  My hair and nails seem to be growing faster and my mood is – well – less moody.  I am humming to myself again and I noticed I was singing along with favorite songs on the radio again…this is both good and bad according to my husband.

The increase in my overall sense of well-being has resulted in returning to taking better care of myself – in part because I don’t feel like the daily makeup routine is soley an exercise in finding new ways to disguise old wrinkles.  Its nice to feel good and positive again…I feel like my old self.  Only better.

I’m having minor issues with water retention but nothing so bad I can’t live with.  I also have noticed my appetite has been a little more targeted to things that are good for me and I have definate reduction in a desire for sweets.  Some or all of these things could have nothing to do with HGH – but I feel they are worth mentioning.

Creatively – I have been feeling more inclined to return to some art projects that I kind of lost interest in but I haven’t actually done anything yet…so that remains to be seen.  Writing hasn’t been all that much of a pull for me like it used to…I’m kind of bored with it.  I think that I’d rather be doing stuff than writing about it.

I am certainly interested in hearing more from other people who have more experience about HGH and healthy living when also getting older.  There are a lot of us out there…